Chocolate Peanut Butter


With 72% dark Callebaut Chocolate blended with pure and fresh peanut butter and topped with chunks of crunchy peanut butter, this flavor is mouthwatering and so yummy. A must try!


Nutritional facts


Ingredients: Full fat milk, Chocolate 72%, cocoa powder, sugars, cream, natural peanut butter, Natural Stabilisers (Guar gum, Locust bean gum)


Nutritional info per 100g: Energy(kcal) 177, protein: 5.7, Total Carbs 15.7g (Fibers 2.5g, Sugar 10.1g), Total fat 10.6g (Saturated Fat 3.2g, PUFA 0.1g, MUFA 1.7g)


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